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MSNP Helper API for .NET - Build Instructions

This page describes how to build the MSNP Helper API for .NET from source. If you do not have the source and need to download it, please either download the latest source release or check out the latest source from CVS.

First, before attempting to build, you must ensure you have all the prerequisite applications:

Next, you are ready to compile. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the NAnt executable is in your path.
  2. CD to the directory where the MSNP helper source is. Look for the file.
  3. Type NAnt and let it do all the work!
  4. If something goes wrong, please file a support request on the MSNP Helper support page.
  5. If something goes wrong, or you want to rebuild the product, use "NAnt clean" to remove the build image.

You should end up with a file named msnp.dll in the build directory under the current one. There should also be a docs folder which has contains the MSDN-style API documentation for the library.